Ascending Media Gets a Face Lift

For just over a year now I have been loving life and running Ascending Media with great success. It is a big step going out on your own running your own business. But I have to say I have loved every minute of it and enjoy the flexibility you gain as a consultant in your work and home life.

It has been a busy year working with some great people and team on all things SEO, Paid Media, Auditing and seeing the fruits of your labour happen.

One thing they always say when you work for yourself, is you put the things you need to do for your business to the back of the queue for the good of your clients. Which of course is the right thing as they pay your mortgage!

With this in mind, it has taken me a while to get live the website I have always wanted!

When I started Ascending Media I just put live something to get me by. But now I feel I have something to be very proud of and promotes Ascending media in the right way within the digital and business world.

So please take a look, give me feedback, book some of my time for the many services I offer! I feel very proud of the new site and look forward to hearing what you think

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